Crazy Wacky Hair Ideas You Need To Know

Everybody loves wacky hair day, especially children. When the day comes, they want to look all out with their wacky hair ideas. Well, it seems that not only children who are interested in this hairstyle but adults do the same, more or less. Wacky hair looks crazy but fun so nobody can resist this hairstyle. At least for the special occasion or once in a lifetime, everybody wants to try this style. There is no need to worry if you have no idea what wacky hairstyle is. You can always rely on an online source to find some interesting ideas to pull through.

Choices of wacky hair ideas for kids

Kids are always extremely excited knowing wacky hair day will arrive. That’s why parents who have no experience in styling their children with this crazy hairstyle will find it difficult to go with the plan. Therefore, you might as well prepare from now about what wacky style you want to apply to your children’s hair for the special day. So here are some ideas you can choose:

  • Doughnut – You can shape your children’s hair into a bun. Then locked it with a square-shaped plate underneath. To make it looks realistic, you can sprinkle chocolate glaze on top. This looks like a doughnut is ready to serve for breakfast.

  • Unicorn – Most children love unicorn so why not trying to pull off one of the wacky hair ideas for your princess. Take a group of hair to the front and tie it into a cone shape template. You can use anything with the cone shape to maintain the shape of the hair. The remain hairs can be divided into two section and do ponytail to each section and let them still at the back.
  • Clips – If you think you cannot pull off complicated wacky hairstyle, you can try the simplest one using many clips. You can shape the hair into any styles whether ponytail or braid. Then, just put clips in hair randomly until all hair is covered by thousands of clips. Choose different shape and size of clips to make it look wacky.

There is no limit to creating wacky hairstyle. You just need to find something around you and use it to create wacky hairstyle. The bolder the better. That’s the goal of wacky hair ideas anyway so there is no need to hold back.

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