Find Out More About Charyjay And Her Hairstyle

If you are into hair styling and stuff, you must know about Charyjay. She is an inspiring woman who loves sharing her interest in hair styling and natural beauty. She has her own natural hair and beauty channel. Some people call her a beauty guru who embraces her beauty in a different way. She has her own perspective of beauty. She has grown huge interest in fashion, lifestyle, as well as all information related to them. She has her own blog as well to share everything she knows. She even launches her own beauty products. What she loves the most about her own is her nature.

Finding out Charyjay natural hairstyle

Charyjay loves being natural. She went natural in 2009. Her naturally curly, thick black hair is one of the natural charms that she embraces the most. She doesn’t try to change her natural including her hair. However, she has her own way of styling her hair to look stunning. One of the most iconic hairstyles that she often uses is a twist-out. She also admits that she has favorite hair products to maintain her hair so it won’t damage. She likes using conditioner which can protect her hair but is also made of natural ingredients.

Her natural twist hair is iconic and inspired lots of people to do the same. Being natural can be good to and even great so that’s why she like emphasizing the natural beauty of her own to let people know that nature can be beautiful. Charyjay even admits that she doesn’t do any ritual routine for example to retwist her hair. She likes the way her hair come out naturally with their own curly locks. Her natural hair color is black but she also does it to highlight some parts. She goes to professional to do so. She dyes her hair but she never skips to moisturize it with conditioner, especially water-based one.

Charyjay liker her naturally curly hair but it doesn’t mean she dislikes the idea of hair stylings like hair coloring or cutting. She just loves her curly hair and never gets tired of it, she admits. She never thinks to make her curly hair straight. She becomes more popular due to her protective hairstyles. She doesn’t really like to settle her hair in an extreme way. She just like trying different updos and experiment with them. That’s why Charyjay becomes popular and open her own channel.

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