Follow The Right Acnl Shampoodle Hair Guide

Shampoodle is a beauty salon which is considered a part of a game. Thus, there is also clear and shampoodle hair guide. Just like a real salon, the player here is able to ask for hair coloring or styling. There are certain rules or guide on how every player can change the color and style of their hair. In this instruction, you will be served by Harriet and Poodle to get what you want like hairstyles and so on. You will be challenged with questions to get what you need.

How to follow acnl shampoodle hair guide

Shampoodle is available in different store. Each appears also differently according to the circumstances. It includes building structures and colors. However, the services given to players are the same. In addition, there is Barber’s pole in certain store appeared in City Fold. It has outstanding interior and exterior. You might as well interested to know more about the guide of hair styling in Shampoodle. So here they are:

  • Basically, each guide is different according to the service the player asks. The first rule to get the service is to open shampoodle by unlocking Kicks first. Furthermore, you need to spend 10,000 bells as well in Kicks or Sisters. In return, the Knicks will be able for 10 days then you will also be able to open the second story.
  • Furthermore, you need to follow in shampoodle hair guide to change hair color. To be able to change your character’s hair color, you just need to answer all of Harriet questions. After unlocking Kicks, you will be able to get service by Harriet automatically. Thus, you will also be able to get any hairstyle you’d like and all you have to do is answering every question given by Harriet about the preference for your hairstyle. There are 16 option for hair colors you can choose such as black, light brown, ash brown, orange, chocolate brown, red-gold, apple red, blonde, pastel purple, white, pink, sky blue, etc

Keep in mind that you can only change your hairstyle once per day. Besides, you need to play the game 15 times, once a day to maintain the hair style you just got. Otherwise, your character’s hair will turn out to be messy. Whenever you need new hairstyle or color, just go visit shampoodle and follow acnl shampoodle hair guide. Therefore, your character will stay stylish with the most awesome hair styling.

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