How To Do Ponytail For Short Hair

People say women are more beautiful with long hair but it’s not entirely true. Women are even gorgeous with short hair and there are many things they can do with them including do a ponytail for short hair. It is indeed easier to do ponytail for long hair. However, for you who have short hair, you still can do it even with simple methods. That’s why we are going to giving you tips on how to do ponytail for your short hair which can be done in few minutes.

Ponytails for short hair tips

Styling your short hair is always exciting. Actually, most people who love short hair are those who like simplicity. Short hair gives you more room to breathe. It requires low maintenance as well so it’s basically practical. However, if your favorite style is the ponytail, doing it for your short hair is quite tricky. So let’s take a look at the tips below:

  • Using elastic, create the low ponytail with the back layer after dividing your hair into three parts. Then just leave side section. To make a full bump, squeeze the base of the elastic so it will tighten the grip of elastic to your hair. This will make your ponytail more volume later.
  • Secure each side with bobby pins to the top base of ponytail you have done so that the elastic will be hidden. Place each bobby pins vertically to create more fullness in your ponytail for short hair and emit sexy look.

  • To make your ponytail even look fuller, you can tease the ends carefully. It’s actually better if your ponytail looks a bit out of shape. It shows natural style to your hair. If this ponytail style is expected to last for hours and you want it to stay still, you can secure it using hairspray so it won’t get wild after hours.
  • For more alluring look, you can let some locks over your temple to fall naturally. This will make your ponytail look naturally messy but in a good way. If you want your ponytail to look more prominent, you can also tease it with your comb. It will add some bounces and volumes.

Short hair can make you look younger and innocent. With ponytail style, you will look even more stunning. Thus, you can try to do ponytail for short hair as mentioned above and see it yourself.

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