How to draw anime hairstyles

For the anime lovers, everything related to the anime is always anticipated especially in the cosplay event the anime lovers are always waiting for the event to dress up their favorite anime style from clothes to hairstyles. Not just anime lovers who imitate their favorite anime clothes and hairstyles but in today’s hairstyle like anime has become a trend that is used by everyone. Here is how to draw anime hairstyles that you must try!

Afro or Mr. Satan hair model anime character Mr. Satan has a hairstyle that expands like Berkeley. One of Indonesia’s leading artist Edi Brokoli wearing Mr. Hairstyle. Satan is inspired by the anime.

Pompadour Short Back Side Cut or Ryota Miyagi This hairstyle has been popular among teenage basketball players because it is inspired by the Slam Dunk comic. With a neat but somewhat messy crest style, Well, if you also want to have a hair like him he really stays go to the salon continue image of the Ryota Miyagi.

Hair Mushroom or Rock Lee Surely you are often really looking at these hair pieces in his day Ariel Peterpan, I think almost all guys at that same hairstyle that is the middle. If you want to have a hairstyle like Rock Lee you stay lengthen bangs keep a hair comb halved.

Longish or Ryusuke Minami Well, now long hair kayak Ryusuke Minami is also a lot of fake among children grunge or metal children so. Tend to wag hair again this gig proves that long hair is in addition to plasticity cool, long hair also has a strong neck.

Under Cut Long or Kariage Sota hairstyle is very impressed men, with hair that is scraped up the bottom and the top of the hair is left long. In the anime figure carriage sorta looks very funny but if humans who wear hairstyle like this look very cool.

Hair Belang or Hikaru Shindo hairstyle is quite unique and strange but among the anime hair stress, Hiraku Shindo is quit.

Sasuke Uchiha Hairstyle This hairstyle is famous when famous singer andika miss the band using this hairstyle. Long hair on the edge and front covering a small portion of the face makes a cool impression on the people who apply it.

Having anime hairstyles is not just for anime lovers but also unconsciously anime hairstyle is already widely used by us all. Hopefully reference the anime hairstyle was to be one hairstyle that you will use later, good luck!

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