How To Get Perfect Style For Straight Hair Sew In

Straight hair sews in can be the right hairstyle if you’re running out of ideas. Having your hair sewn into your real hair with extensions may look complicated but it’s not as difficult as you thought. Sew in the method has been used by hair stylists though. This can be a solution for those who want to have long hair when they’re having the short one. Or, it can be the best method to boost up the volume for those who have thin hair.

Straight hair sew in ideas

Sew in the extension into your hair can be done in minutes by professional. However, there are also hair extensions which are applicable for personal use so you can apply it by yourself. However, having it sewn into your hair by professional can be more convincing especially when you expect it to be perfect and flawless. Here is some hairstyle you can apply when you decide to let your hairstylist sew in hair extensions:

  • Braided hair is one of the most styles used when it comes to sewing in hair. For women, this hairstyle looks dreamy and like the fairytale. Use braids and nets to style your hair with sewing in hair. You can choose neat braiding for the formal occasion or messy braiding for the natural look.

  • Since sew in hair method can be used to volume up your hair, you can choose the best style. If you have bob haircut while your hair is thin then you can style it up with sewing in. This is how you can make your hair look lively. Choose the right parts to sew in hair extension to perfect your bob haircut.
  • Apply sew-in weave style to compliment your long and straight hair. You can weave the extension into a net placed on tops of the head. Furthermore, your hair will look fluffy and volume. This style is also perfect for any occasion whether it’s formal or informal events. This hairstyle will also fit any outfit you’re going to wear.

There are more styles you can choose when it comes to sew-in hairstyle since it’s applicable and flexible. The ideas on the list above are just example of what most people choose when they sew in their hair. So if you’re interested in applying this hairstyle, you can try one of them. Just make sure that you choose the one that fits you well with straight hair sew in.

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