Image of Africa hair braiding

Appearances from each region, city, and country will vary according to the culture they have each from the start of a culture of eating, culture of clothes and even hairstyles. The African country is identical to black people with curly hairstyle but did you know that there is a hidden uniqueness of this African hairstyle even with African hairstyles get hair beauty award.

Image of Africa hair braiding has been transformed by a famous stylish hair Lisa Farrar so can get three awards at once. At the British Hair Awards 2016, Lisa exhibits some unique collections of hair creations on African-American (Afro) models.

The collection, named Armor with the aim of lifting African culture, won the Black Hair Awards category and became a finalist at the British Hair Awards 2016. If you think that beauty can only be displayed by white people you are wrong here is one image of Africa hair braiding is unique and beautiful.

Mohawk hair model is very extreme and unique with a hairstyle made upright like a flower petal with makeup accessories with white color adds to the cultural value contained therein.

Mohawk’s second hair model resembling a unique mushroom here is at the bottom of the hair given a white hair color with white makeup to add exotic value to it.

A not only straight hairstyle is shown but hairstyle with curly hair there is one hair Mohawk model with a third hairy white haircut with curly hairstyle upwards like a vegetable broccoli with white makeup add to the value of art in it.

Further Mohawk hair model that displays the side of a mighty woman with dreadlocks like Bob Marley mixed with black and white hair dye with accessories traditional necklace that used to add a perfect appearance of Image of Africa’s hair braiding.

Mohawk hair further model featuring a side of African women are more feminine with bob hairstyle appearance accessories that are used more colorful with dominant pink earrings used pink colored necklaces wearing a colorful do not forget the makeup used in white.

The last Mohawk model is a hairstyle that features an African woman like a long black hairdresser with a ponytail hairstyle at the top of the hair accessories used in a horse ponytail in the form of a thick black hair strap with large crescent-sized earring accessories and makeup with crescent image on the forehead adds elegance and toughness of African women.

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