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Hair is one of the most important crucifiers so it’s no wonder we often change hairstyles to look different. One of the most popular hairstyle by both men and women in the short hair bobs. Short hair bobs model favored because in addition to simple also display impression of fresh aura on everyone who uses this haircut bobs model.

For those of you who are bored with the short hair bobs model that’s it, you should try a few variations of short hair bobs that we will present the following.

The first bobs short bangs next door, short hair bobs model is often used by famous artists in Indonesia itself famous artist with short haircut bobs next bangs is artist Bunga Citra Lestari. This hairstyle gives the impression of cool and different in people who wear it if you want to add a bold element to your hair then wear a color that matches your skin color to make your appearance look cooler.

Next model long side bobs, if you intend element of simple style on your bobs hair then model bobs side long edge is very suitable for you. In this hair bobs, a hairstyle is left long with haircuts left to expand this model gives you a unique impression.

Short hairstyle bobs the next hair model is bobbed bumpy hair model is in great demand by the teenagers because in addition to showing the impression cute and classy also the display adult impression.

For those of you who are lovers with a curly hair-shaped model, should be obliged to try short curly hairstyle bob. This short curly hairstyle model, also used by singer Taylor Swift. In order to look, good models of short curly hairstyle bob, you can give a nice color that matches your skin color. This short hair bobs curly model gives you an elegant impression.

And the last bob hair shape with pieces of men, this hairstyle model is the appearance of a haircut that is sized with a male haircut shape. Usually, these haircuts range to the ears. By using short haircut model bobs this man piece you can give tomboy and simple impression on your appearance. Usually, this model of hairstyle bob male hair shape is often used by women who want the manly look.

That’s some examples of short hair bobs that you can make reference to change your bobs hairstyle later, good luck.

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