Magnolia Park Boulevard Sunset

August 27th, 2011 by Tommy Unger Leave a reply »

We joined Dave yesterday for a quiet sunset over at Magnolia Park. He showed us a secret spot hidden away behind some blackberry bushes where we had a view to Puget Sound and Elliott Bay all to ourselves.

Sunset on Puget Sound from Magnolia Park

Sunset on Puget Sound from Magnolia Park

The most fascinating thing about the “Magnolia” name is that the original namers thought the Madrona trees were actually Magnolia trees. Find out more about Magnolia Park here.

The best way to experience this boulevard is a long walk or bike ride from Discovery Park at the north end to the south end at Magnolia Park. I don’t thing there are many better ways to spend an evening in Seattle. I would say a romantic evening in Seattle, but 2 kids and Dave do a bit to reduce the romance, but the enjoyment was still there.


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