Delridge P-Patch

Address: , Seattle, WA
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Quietly, through the grass, the little black garter snake escapes. He’s frightened
of the noisy weed whackers cutting the grassy slope near his home. His family has
lived here for years in peace, taking good care of the garden. He’s watched the
gardeners: Guiseppina planting radicchio, Yang harvesting cilantro, Gerhardt picking
his huge leeks. The snake has watched as they’ve built compost bins, mowed grass,
and weed whacked. He’s wondered why they had to be so noisy. He’s always preferred
their softer sounds: turning soil, harvesting warm tomatoes and humming while cutting
cosmos. He’s loved the Sunday morning hymns from the church next-door. But he decides
that if he has to share his home, these people aren’t too bad as neighbors.

Lynn: "great soil, pleasant place to be"

Martin: "the opportunity to share the experience"
Betty: "being able to take food to the food bank"
Peter: "creating beauty and contentment with people"
Laura: "it’s a block from our house, our son can run around"

Paula: "growing my own food"
Elizabeth: "the soil and the people I’ve met"