Evanston P-Patch

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Evanston P-Patch is a refuge, a peaceful place for busy people to go when they have
a few moments. The seniors come in the mornings; workers drop in at lunch time or
on the way home; and families come in the evenings. There is often someone in the
garden, enjoying the solitude, losing the day’s worries by working in the soil,
picking some of Helen’s scarlet poppies, blue bachelor buttons or golden calendulas
near her sign, which says, “Pick some of these to enjoy.” The garden is filled with
memories of past gardeners: white-haired gentlemen, like old Bruno and his meticulous
garden, and John who carefully cut the grass and painted the shed. Their legacy
lives on, even though the gardeners change from year to year, the techniques they
have learned from one another keep reappearing; those new to gardening learning
from the veterans. At Evanston, there is always the garden to bring peace, solace,
and friendship.