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The Hawkins family moved into this neighborhood in January of 1959. The family at
that time was Samuel and his wife Alma, and three children, Barbara, Ronald and
Cheryl. In later years, Richard (Kevin) and Michael were born into the family. Samuel
Hawkins loved to garden, and it wasn’t long after settling into his new dwelling
that he requested permission from the city to clean off the undeveloped land located
behind his property line. At that time there were several small trees and blackberry
bushes covering the area. The permission was granted and Mr. Hawkins, with the help
of his family members, labored daily at this endeavor. Rototilling the land, Samuel
soon developed the rich soil to start planting various vegetables in the garden
he had envisioned. Rows of corn, string beans, cabbage, greens, tomatoes, squash,
just to name a few, were commonly seen sprouting up during the harvest. Along with
this, Alma, his wife had started a beautiful flower garden growing adjacent the
vegetable garden. Soon after, many of the neighbors cleared off the undeveloped
land behind their homes and starting growing vegetables and flowers. Samuel Hawkins
gave many of the vegetables to the neighboring grocery stores, for the yield of
the garden was overflowing at times. His family would often laugh at the odd shapes
of some of the potatoes and tomatoes that would come out of the garden. Alma would
often draw eyes and mouths on some of the vegetables that reminded her of animals.
The family would tease Samuel about the funny looking crop he would produce, asking
him what type of manure he put in the soil.

Until his health starting failing him, Samuel could be seen working in his garden
everyday, if nothing more than to water it. He loved sitting in the midst of nature
in bloom. Samuel Hawkins passed away on July 2, 2001.

In the meantime, the P-Patch Program and neighborhood planning was looking to replace
a garden site in the central area that was lost some years ago. When this piece
of land became surplus in 2002, the P-Program and VISTA’s began working with
the community to design and build a community garden, through that process folks
learned about Mr. Hawkins. The garden is named after Mr. Hawkins and all the years
of love the site received from him and to the future love it will receive from community