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Fremont’s newest public space is the result of serendipity. For decades, Don and
Hazel Hurlbert lived in the house at 4204 Baker Ave. N.W., and gardened their extra
corner lot. When widow Hazel died in December 2003, a group of neighbors with ideas
and money, and thanks to the grace of the patient grand-nephew executor, were able
to see that the lot was purchased by the P-Patch Trust. A conservation easement
was recorded guaranteeing that the site will be used for “community garden and open
space in perpetuity.”

After acquisition was completed, with the help of the P-Patch Trust and the City
P-Patch Program, a larger group of neighbors set up a steering committee. The committee
applied for and obtained a “Small and Simple” grant from the City Department of
Neighborhoods to prepare a plan for the site. In December 2005, after extensive
outreach and a series of community meetings, a master plan for the Hazel Heights
P-Patch was completed by Barker Landscape Architects.

Hazel Heights P-Patch has entered the next phase of its development: funding and
construction. The steering committee successfully applied for a $100,000 neighborhood
matching fund (NMF) grant from the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods for permitting
and construction of the basic elements of the master plan retaining wall and entry
stairs, pull out from the alley, irrigation system. It is hoped that gardening can
begin on the score of garden patches in 2008.

Friends of Hazel Heights P-Patch

Steering Committee

Marya Felenchak, Co-chair

Toby Thaler, Co-chair
Seattle P – Patch Trust

Ray Schutte
Seattle P – Patch Program (Dept. of Neighbohoods)

Rich Macdonald