Judkins P-Patch

Address: , Seattle, WA
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It was a six; not on the scale from one to ten, but on the number of truckloads
of "stuff" hauled away before ground level appeared. There were all kinds
of treasures hiding under the blackberries: overstuffed couches, "Norman",
the blue plastic horse, and marbles. The couches went directly to the dump. Norman
took up residency with an office plant, and the marbles rolled around on the P-Patch
car’s dashboard.

Gardeners moved into Judkins. Pink Cleome tutus danced in the breeze above chunks
of concrete. Rocks bred like rabbits. Judkins lived as a garden of contrasts. Lovingly
tended plot s snuggled up to the encroaching blackberries; rocks enclosed areas
of sifted soil, and flowers shared the limelight with vegetables.

The gardeners continue to discover marbles sparkling in the soil, winking cat’s
eyes and aggies telling stories of the past. "This land belonged to others,
and it will belong to others again. New gardeners will take your place and dream
of future harvests." At Judkins P-Patch the fragile thread of a community garden
has been strongly woven into the site and will continue to surface as reliably as
the marbles from this and other garden sites. Marbles, the cobalt blue threads to
the past and the future.

Judkins has a lot of natural habitat, including an all natives planting in the parking
strip. There’s a small pond, wetland habitat as well. The borders are planted
richly with additional northwest natives and beneficial flowers and herbs. Judkins
is rare, it’s permanently preserved for community gardening!