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In its first life, this site grew foundations, multi-room apartments and parked
cars. The apartment building was demolished in the late 50’s and Seattle acquired
it in a land trade. Local residents enlisted the P-Patch program and with the help
of the Seattle Conservation Corp carted off many loads of rubble, spread the soil
and planted the first Central District community garden.

Selected in an open call, Seattle artist Mary Coss is designing artwork for the
Squire Park P-patch. Artistic panels integrated into the fence celebrate the rich
history of the Jackson Street era. The neighborhood was the stomping ground for
musicians playing in the numerous local clubs. Coss worked with Garfield High School
Jazz Band members to interview musicians. This gathering of personal stories compliments
her research.

Decorative metal panels infused with jazz lore will stand at the corner of 14th
and Fir. A comprehensive list of Seattle jazz clubs is represented as a plant unfolding
over a street map. The 14th Avenue vine overlay includes over fifty clubs. Around
the corner, the panel on Fir Street reveals the instruments of the big band as parts
of a tree form. The rhythm section is based in the roots as the horns emerge within
the tree limbs.

Colorful panels based on seed imagery are integrated throughout the fence. On closer
inspection, there is a wealth of information written into these seeds of jazz, including
information on the development of jazz, and the development of Seattle as a jazz
town. The artist hopes her efforts peak your interest in finding out more of this
colorful history.