Colman Park

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Address: 1800 Lake Washington Blvd. S, Seattle, WA
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Colman Park is one of the Seattle Parks designed by Olmsted and meanders down to
Lake Washington Blvd. The P-Patch is located in the same spot as an old Parks nursery.
The garden plots terrace down a hill and gardeners pride themselves in growing vegetables
even though many plots get more sun then others. The heaviness of the air, laden
with blackberries, lures the whole neighborhood into Colman Park. Summer is at its
peak. Wander through and enjoy the views: each terrace of the site reflects a different
gardening style. One gardener experiments with exotics – saffron crocus, water chestnuts,
wine grapes, and a heavy mulch/no weeding method. Down one level is a highly productive,
meticulously weeded garden where one can see the latest methods for increasing yields
– floating row covers, trellises, cloches, weed barriers. Just a little way down
the hill is the herb specialist, followed by the flower devotee, and a Midwestern
garden with straight rows of corn. Colman Park faces east, toward Lake Washington,
and wakes early. The birds sing at the first pink light; neighbors walk their "leashed"
dogs. The dew rests lightly, and by late afternoon the blackberries call out to
be eaten, "Pie", "Pancakes", "Cobbler".