Kobe Terrace

Address: 221 6th Ave. S, Seattle, WA
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About the Park

This terraced hillside on the northeast edge of the International District is adorned with Mt. Fuji cherry trees and laced with ground vines and pathways winding alongside the freeway. The trees and a four-ton, 200-year-old Yukimidoro stone lantern on the hilltop were gifts from the people of Seattle’s sister city, Kobe, Japan. Since Yukimidoro means “View of the Snow”, keep your eyes open for Mount Rainier to the south. The park provides pleasant witting, viewing, and walking between S. Washington and S. Main, with an eye-level view of the cars flashing along the freeway.

- Excerpt from “Enjoying Seattle’s Parks” by Brandt Morgan

Danny Woo
Community Garden
The lower part of Kobe Terrace is the Danny Woo Community Garden. The garden is divided into small plots of vegetables, herbs and flowers, each tended by community residents.

Sister City Kobe
Kobe Terrace was named for Kobe, Japan, one of Seattle’s International Sister Cities.
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