Lincoln Park

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Address: 8011 Fauntleroy Way SW, Seattle, WA
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Lincoln Park was called Fauntleroy Park until 1922, when the city bought it. The popularity of the name Fauntleroy in this area springs from the passions of Lieutenant George Davidson, who was taking soundings off the bluff in 1857. Davidson had temporarily left his fiancĂ©e’, Ellinor Fauntleroy, back in Illinois.

The park was put together piecemeal over the years as West Seattle developed: as shelter in 1925; parking areas in 1928; a playground in 1930; seawalls, trails, fireplaces, and horseshoe pits during the Depression; and major additions just after WWII, as people streamed into the area to work in the burgeoning Boeing aircraft plant in the Duwamish Valley.

The heated, saltwater Colman Pool began as a tide-fed swimming hole in 1929, and was periodically hosed out by the fire department to rid it of accumulating mud and debris. It became so popular that residents began asking for a concrete bottom and sides – much to the chagrin of the city, which wanted to abandon it entirely. The pool took final concrete form in 1941, when Kenneth Colman, son of Laurence, donated $150,000 to have it built in honor of his father.