Plum Tree Park

Play Area/Playground
Address: 1717 26th Ave., Seattle, WA
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About the Park

This little neighborhood park was designed with telephone pole stubs! Arranged in neat rows, the varying stump lengths form stairs, seats, and climbers that spiral through a sandy play area and provide decorative touches around the periphery. An alleyway basketball hoop draws neighborhood athletes. Several benches are also provided and small children and resident squirrels often climb the stub by the drinking fountain to gulp the flowing water.

Improvement Project Update

Over the past three years, Parks and Recreation has been planning renovations to the east side of Plum Tree Park. These renovations address issues related to past landslides onto the city sidewalk from the park, and improvements to entrance paths and stairs.

Through the Community Development Block Grant program (CDBG), parks carried out a public process to address the stability problems of the east slope of the property. Previous landslides onto the city sidewalk presented a need to stabilize the steep slope, which runs adjacent to 26th St.

During design development, a system of retaining walls constructed of concrete construction blocks, referred to as “Keystone,” were developed to improve the look of the entrance and to provide a retaining wall for the existing slope.

Along with the retaining wall, a new ADA accessible path will be installed, and a set of new concrete stairs will provide alternate access.

Preparation for the project included removal of several older plum trees that were declining in health, and removal of a variety of invasive and non-native plants. The plum trees will be replaced at a ratio of up to 2 to 1, and Parks staff will develop a plant palette to keep good sight lines into the park and still provide a maintainable vegetation plan.

Schedule for the project includes construction starting in July of 2009, and finishing with planting in the fall of 2009.