Volunteer Park Conservatory

Historic Landmark
Address: 1400 E. Galer St, Seattle, WA
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Volunteer Park Conservatory, I have yet to go in.

Volunteer Park Conservatory, I have yet to go in.


In 1878, the City of Seattle acquired about 45 acres on north Capitol
Hill from a sawmill engineer for $2000. First called City Park, the
acreage was improved during the turn of the century using plans designed
by the famous Olmsted brothers, landscape architects. In 1901 City Park
was renamed Volunteer Park to honor the volunteers who served in the
Spanish-American War.

The Conservatory, first proposed in 1893, was not completed until 1912.
The City purchased the Conservatory design and framework from Hitchings
Company of New York. It was erected by Parks staff. In 1922 growing
greenhouses were built to grow and propagate plants in support of the
conservatory and annual flower production for general public display

Over the years various specialty plant collections have been built
primarily from donated materials. The rather extensive orchid collection
began as a gift from Mrs. Anna H. Clise in 1921.

As time passed the Conservatory became badly deteriorated. Through
public awareness brought on by the Friends of the Conservatory and the
City’s desire to maintain this historical site, funds were made
available for renovation of the structure beginning in 1980. Renovation
of various portions is ongoing.The conservatory buildings and staff
today remain under the auspices of the Seattle Parks Department.