Ward Springs Park

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Address: Ward St. and 4th Ave. N, Seattle, WA
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About the Park

Ward Springs Park is a new neighborhood park located at the corner of 4th Ave and Ward St. at the base of Queen Anne. Formerly belonging to SPU, this property provided all the water to Queen Anne. An historic pump house on the site displays part of the mechanism that performed this feat. A curved path leads by a play area, open lawn and over a dry streambed. The park has a spectacular view of the Space Needle and downtown. Pro-Parks Levy, Neighborhood Matching Fund, King County and community money funded the design and construction of this new park.
Ward Springs Park officially opened on June 1. 2002. Ken Bounds and Peter Steinbrueck celebrated this event with approximately 50 adults and children. A woman who remembered the heyday of the water pumping shared her memories and the children who participated in the early design stages of the park talked about their experiences. This was a wonderful party and a good time was had by all.