Things About Shampoodle Hair Color Guide

If you have heard about Animal Crossing Series, you must have known about shampoodle hair color guide. Yes, this beauty salon is not only giving service for hair styling but also hair coloring. This is actually part of the game but lots of people find it amusing and exciting to become one of the players. In this salon, players are allowed to change the color and style of their hair. However, you need to know that you will be given 3 questions by Harriet and Poodle if you want to gain different hair color and styles. This looks fine, right?

How to apply shampoodle hair color guide

In many series, the store has taken different appearances. The color of the building and the structure is different from time to time. You might as well get to know about the Barber’s pole. This store also appeared in City Fold with grande exterior and welcoming interior. So what about getting to know more about it, especially the animal crossing: New Leaf series.

  • In order to get hair color you’d like, you need to unlock shampoodles. However, it means that you need to unlock Kicks beforehand. Besides, you need to spend 10,000 bells as well in Kicks or Sisters. Only then the Knicks will open for 10 days and you can open the second story.
  • Next is how to change your hairstyle. You just need to talk to Harriet and just answer whatever she asks about your hairstyle. Your character then will be able to change their hair to different styles. However, remember that you can only get your hairstyle changed only once in a day.
  • Next is shampoodle hair color guide to change your hair color. However, this will come naturally as you change your hairstyle. During sitting on the salon chair and facing Harriet, you will be asked about hair color too. You can always pick the color that you like the most to be applied to your character hair. There are at least 16 hair colors available such as black, light brown, ash brown, orange, chocolate brown, red-gold, apple red, blonde, pastel purple, white, pink, sky blue, etc.

Remember that you will need to play this game in 15 days arrows or else your character’s hair will turn into a messy hairstyle. However, you can also go to Shampoodle if you think you need new hairstyle because of that and get shampoodle hair color guide.

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