Try Out 3 Easy Vintage Hairstyles 

Vintage is not old but classic. Lots of people like vintage style including for their hairstyle. Thus, you can also try out easy vintage hairstyles once in a while. Vintage hairstyle allows you to look more mature but still encompasses your elegance and classic beauty. Most women tend to choose the vintage hairstyle for the formal occasion even though it’s also can be applied for the more casual occasion if you want to.

3 easy vintage hairstyles you must try

There are way too many styles you can try when it comes to hair styling. One of them is vintage hairstyle. This style holds a classic vibe to the look which doesn’t emit its true beauty. So if you’re interested in the idea of having your hair being styled with a vintage concept, here are recommended styles for you to try:

  • Faux Bob – This hairstyle was popular back then in the 1930s. This style is suitable for women who are edgy and modern. Those who want to emphasize the idea of strong and independent women will like this hairstyle. You can also try this faux bob and it’s suitable for short or medium length hair. Match this hairstyle with the edgy outfit to give the statement for your fashion taste.

  • Bumper bangs – This is one of the most iconic vintage hairstyles. Even though it looks complicated to make, but it’s actually easy vintage hairstyles that you can even try yourself. You don’t even need to add any accessories aside of bobby pins to secure each roll. This hairstyle was famous in the 1950s. It’s suitable for a formal occasion so you can try this hairstyle once you need to attend formal events. This hairstyle matches well with the long dress.
  • French twist – This is another famous hairstyle from the 1950s. This hairstyle is actually perfect for the wedding. The twist at the back of the head makes it look stunning. You just need to add a gorgeous brooch or pin to secure the twist. This vintage hairstyle suits perfectly with the formal and princess-like outfit. It gives a sweet, classy, and pure look.

So who says that vintage hairstyle will make you look too mature? Vintage hairstyle allows you to look perfectly stunning with a classy and elegant vibe. Therefore, you can try one of the easy vintage hairstyles ideas above find out which one of them is great for you. When you find the right style, you will allow yourself to look perfect.

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