Try Out Silk Press On Short Hair

Hair stylists have become more creative as lots of styles for hair that can be tried especially by those hair styling enthusiasts who always eager to try. You may have heard about silk press. Now, silk press on short hair has become a new trend and is loved by lots of women. Actually, silk press itself is upgraded version of traditional press and curl. In the traditional way, you need a hot comb to be warmed up then use it to press your hair and get it straight. To keep the hair straight, hair products are used. However, the time has changed and silk press is a modern way which is less complicated to do.

Considering silk press on short hair

People like their hair to look naturally beautiful. Unlike traditional press and comb, the modern one doesn’t result in limited movement to the hair owner. Besides, there is no need to use hot comb just like the past. There’s also no need to use greasy hair product since it also weighs the hair and limit the movement. However, some choose to use light hair products like oil serum to make hair shiny and soft.

If you want your curly hair to be straight but somehow manage to look natural then the method of silk press on short hair is a great option. However, it is important to choose the right product and tools to do this silk press styling so it won’t damage your hair but protect it instead. Today, you just need to use a safe tool such as special flat iron. For recommendation, iron made of titanium plate is a good option. In addition, you may need the right hair products to take care of your hair. Sometimes, silk press makes hair looks dry so you need a shampoo with moisturizer. It’s even better if you use conditioner so your hair is fully protected.

For your short hair, you can style it in any way you like. You can go for a layered pixie cut or simple bob. Silk press method in hair styling will make your hair look shiny, soft, and naturally gorgeous. To do silk press, you may need help from professional for satisfying result. However, you may also do it on your own as there are hair products and tools for silk press on short hair today which you can rely on. Make sure you follow the instruction well to get the best result.

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