Uniquely Stunning With Cornrow Mohawk Styles

You must have been so familiar with cornrow hairstyle. It’s one of the traditional African styles of hair grooming. It’s one of braid style where the braids are made very close to the scalp. The form or designs can be various. However, one of the most favorites is cornrow mohawk styles. Cornrow hairstyle has a different version in each country since it’s also can be part of the culture. This hairstyle is also applicable both for women and men and even today there are many designs for cornrow hairstyle that you can try.

Ideas of cornrow mohawk styles

The vibe of unique and trendy is what makes this one braided-hair style becomes more and more popular. One believed that mohawk hairstyle is only suitable for men but that’s not true. Women also can apply mohawk hairstyle along with cornrow braid method. In fact, it just adds the unique beauty which makes hair looks stunning so here are some ideas of Mohawk hairstyles along with cornrow braiding:

  • You may try simple box-braided mohawk hairstyle which happened to be the hairstyle of Jada Pinkett Smith. This is actually one of the simplest mohawk styles but its simplicity gets the best of it. Mohawk hairdo can be stylish along with box braids which compliment your hair. You can make the braids into buns if you want.

  • The next idea of cornrow mohawk styles is twisted braided mohawk braids. If you like to protect your hair for a long period by braiding it than this style is perfect. You just need to twist the braids upward to form a thick mohawk from the sides. This hairstyle will help you avoid unnecessary re-braiding for days.
  • If you want to look bold, you can try curly mohawk with snaky braids. This hairstyle showcases more pattern to create unique dimensions. The snacky braids make your hair look stunning and it’s completed with curls on top of your head. Thus, this makes a stylish yet bold mohawk hairstyle. You can even add highlights for the finishing touch.

Who says that mohawk hairstyle is too extreme? In fact, it has become one of the most favorite hairstyles especially for those who like braiding their hair due to their thick and curly hair. Trying out cornrow mohawk styles is a great option to showcase your stunning beauty through your hairstyle choice.

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