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February 21st, 2011 by Tommy Unger Leave a reply »

I’ve been in Seattle for over 9 years, including a few years leaving on the east side and working for you know who. From the moment I first visited Seattle I’ve been constantly surprised and impressed by our parks’ system. I’ve created this site to share my explorations and new finds. I’m hoping to visit every park in Seattle during the year of 2011, but we’ll see if that materializes. My goto parks have generally been Discovery, Gasworks, Golden Gardens and Magnuson, and with around over 400 other parks in the city of Seattle, there are a whole lot more to explore.

The purpose of this site is to present our Seattle Parks in a clean, informative and useful way. There’s definitely more content over at the City of Seattle Parks website, and hopefully this site will simply be an extension of what we already have. The ways to explore our parks include:

  • Interactive Map – See all park boundaries. Zoom in to see even more.
  • Park Features – Browse parks which have features such as playgrounds or views.
  • Parks by Neighborhood – An interactive neighborhood map and the parks in each neighborhood.
  • Find parks near an address – Get a list of parks as well as directions to the parks near and address, cross streets, or landmarks.
  • P-Patches – A uniquely Seattle concept where we have public shared gardens.

The things I’ll be working on are:

  • Pictures – Capture as many pictures of the parks as I can get. Some parks are rather large with very defining pictures. I plan to figure out what’s going on with some of these parks and gather photographic evidence.
  • Facebook Likes – Figuring out what parks everyone likes and using Facebook to help.
  • Park Feature Ratings – I think it would be nice to rate features such as playgrounds, pools, etc.
  • Community – I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do here, but it seems like the ability to share the love of the Seattle Parks would be a nice touch.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Great idea for a site! I’ll be visiting this one regularly…

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